How to get here!

Presented by Subs-N-Such, a Peachtree Food Services Inc. Company

We are located in Lutz, (think Tampa) Florida. We began as a simple little
sandwich shop in 1984. In 1990 we started selling soft drinks from all over
the country. In 1993 we started shipping soft drinks to our customers in
other states. We now sell over 400 varieties of soft drinks from the
United States and a few from abroad.

We also sell soft drink memorabilia such as commemorative bottles (over
2000 different ones) as well as signs and old six-pack carriers. You will
often find our collectibles for sale on Ebay online auction. Just click on
the Ebay logo to see what we are currently auctioning.

We have been featured in The Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times and
Miami Herald Newspapers. Numerous television stories on local and
syndicated cable networks have helped us spread our following throughout
Florida and beyond.


Subs-N-Such 1-813-972-1784