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A&W Root Beer

A&W Cream Soda

Ale-8-1 Citrus Ginger Ale - original heavy bottle

Apple Beer (original, non-alcoholic)

Barq's Root beer

Barq's Red Cream

Big Red

Big Peach

Blenheim's Ginger Beer

Blenheim's Gold Not-As-Hot Ginger Ale

Blenheim's Red Hot Ginger Ale

Cheerwine Cherry Soda

Chocolate Solider


Country Time Lemonade

Crush Orange Long neck

Crush Grape Long neck
Crush Strawberry Long neck

D&G Ginger Beer from Jamaica

D&G Kola Champagne from Jamaica

D&G Pineapple from Jamaica

Dad's Root Beer

Dr. Brown's Celray Soda

Dr Brown Cream Soda

Dr Browns Rootbeer

Dr Browns Orange

Dr Browns Black Cherry

Dr Browns Ginger Ale

Dr Pepper Original Recipe with Cane Sugar

Dr Pepper Caffeine Free


Frostie Old Fashion Root Beer
Green Spot

Guarana Soda

Goodo Cola Champagne

Hank's Root Beer

Henry Weinhard Root Beer

Hawaiian Punch

Inca Cola

IBC Root Beer

IBC Cream Soda

IBC Black Cherry

Iorn Beer

Jolt Cola

Jones Soda Fufu Berry

Jones Soda Root Beer

Jones Soda Bubble Gum

Jones SodaCream Soda

Jones Soda Orange

Jones Soda Grape

Jones Soda Pink

Jones Soda Green Apple

Jones Soda Bug Juice

Jones Soda Cherry



Mate' Beer

Minute Maid Grape

Minute Maid Orange

Minute Maid Fruit Punch

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Caffeine Free (True!)

Moxie (Original not California Knockoff)

Melon Lanio

Mug Root Beer

Mug Cream Soda

Nehi Grape

Nehi Orange

Nehi Peach


Northern Neck Ginger Ale

Old Brooklyn Raspberry

Old Brooklyn Orange

Old Brooklyn Cream Soda

Old Brooklyn Birch Beer

Orangina Orange Citrus Soda


Polar Birch Beer

Polar Root Beer

RC Cola

RC Cherry

Reed's Ginger Beer

Red Rock Cola
Red Rock Ginger Ale

Sangria Senorial (Taste just like Sangria)

Scheppes Ginger Ale

Scheppes Raspberry Ginger Ale

Sidreal Mundet (apple flavor)


Segrams Ginger Ale

Segrams Raspberry Ginger Ale 
Sioux City Root Beer
Sioux City Ginger Beer

Sioux City Birch Beer

Sioux City Birch Beer

Slice Orange

Squirt Grapefruit

Stewart's Creamy-style Draft Cola

Stewart's Key Lime Cream Soda

Stewart's Cherry's N Cream

Stewart's Old Fashion Root Beer

Stewart's Lemon Meringue Cream Soda

Stewart's Vanilla Cream

Suncrest Orange

Sundrop Cream-Style Citrus Soda

Sundrop Cherry

Sunkist Orange

Sunkist Grape


Ting Grapefruit from Jamaica (by D&G)

Vernors Ginger Ale

Virgil's Root Beer

Water Melon Soda

Yoo-Hoo Chocolate

Yoo-Hoo Strawberry

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